Gulf Coast School of Art is an Art Institute of Visual Learning.  GCSA provides long-term fine art education from intermediate levels to advanced levels for grades K-12 in the state of Mississippi.

Gulf Coast School of Art curriculum is designed, developed and critiqued to a fine art precision.  Our cutting-edge curriculum sends students on an educational flight into realms of detailed fine art studies including line formation, perspective, composition, and three-dimensional shading.

GCSA is structured as a long-term academic investment to advance students in the areas of: visual perceptual abilities, acceleration in academics, as well as committed to advancing the mind for developmental growth at an early age.


The Gulf Coast School of Art is a Christian-based fine art school where beliefs are based upon the foundation of Jesus Christ.  Curriculum is inspired and guided by these principles.

“In the beginning, God created…” {Genesis 1:1}

With God as the Great Artist of all creation, students are inspired and led by a series of art studies, pointing all of creation back to God.


Pop! (Peace-Optimism-Prayer) is a Christian Student Ministry at GCSA composed of a group of students who are learning together what it means to know Christ and make Him known. Youth engage in fellowship and fun, in addition, to weekly Bible classes to study Scripture together and pray for one another.  Gulf Coast School of Art also hosts Adoration Nights that feature Christ-centered songs of worships, candlelit praise & a communion of fellowship to openly discuss The Bible.


GCSA offers a state-of-the-art visual art program that is a direct investment back into the future of your child.

Gulf Coast School of Art Visual Art Department thrives on teaching advanced art curriculum while creating a foundation of growth and progression for full-time students to grasp and apply to future endeavors and preparatory career advancement.

Under the instruction and direction of GCSA Director of Art Education, Amber Peterson, youth are individually educated through the process of art by learning how to correctly use and apply fine art mediums to authentically produce an original piece of fine art. Through the visual and instructional collaboration of GCSA and the art student, the artwork remains fully untouched by any educators ensuring that the art student has learned to properly use that medium.

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