Providing the highest levels of fine art education for youth in the nation.  GCSA is uniquely designed as the only art school actively teaching grades K-12. 

GCSA is not just at the core of art academics, but thrives on building every level outside of that.

Gulf Coast School of Art, a leader in art innovation, is at the forefront of art education with designing an educational model called, 'smART,' that advances the minds of students through the platform of art in concentrated areas of math, science and visual literacy.  GCSA's smART curriculum is proven to challenge and excel the minds of students through concentrated art studies, independent artworks and exhibitions presented annually.  All GCSA curriculum is based on new and innovative methods that will never be duplicated, nor repeated.  GCSA specializes in individual teaching methods that push the barriers of complacency and comfort for students to establish high standards and achieve their goals.  Students, at all levels, are introduced and assigned to challenging subject matter that creates a continuous line of progression.