Christ is the Center of All Subjects


Our Purpose. Our Calling.

The highest form of curriculum taught and implemented at the Gulf Coast School of Art is first, and foremost, the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Not only are semester art studies centered around biblical teachings and principles, but the foundation of all educational factors and services represented at the Gulf Coast School of Art are rooted in this purpose.  


Pop! Student Ministries is a built-in Student Ministry offering at GCSA for art students.  Pop! is composed of a group of students who are learning together what it means to know Christ and make Him known.  Students join weekly in partnership with Journey, The Gathering, to engage in fellowship and fun, in addition to, weekly Bible classes to study Scripture together and pray for one another.  GCSA students put their studies to action as they serve as disciples and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others.


In this offering, we are hopeful for the opportunity to share the love of Christ. We encourage your child's participation by conveying the importance of knowing and understanding Jesus' death and resurrection - as this is the way to salvation.   The living testimony of Christ is the ultimate gift we can give to a child and we hope to partner with you in doing so.

Adoration Nights are designed to give youth a place of peace and prayer while reflecting on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ leading up to Resurrection Sunday.  Adoration Nights will feature Christ-centered songs of worship, candlelit praise & a communion of fellowship to openly discuss The Bible.

Adoration Nights will be hosted at GCSA on Mondays from 5-6 p.m. in correlation with GCSA weekly Bible Studies.  Friends of students are welcomed with prior notification to the school.  If attending, please notify GCSA and send your child with a Bible (preferably NKJV).

Adoration Nights will continue throughout the school year - as every day we celebrate that Christ is Risen! (Luke 24:6)